Helping small and medium-sized businesses turn audiences into raving fans

You’ve got great stuff for your ideal clients. You need effective messaging to help them see a clear picture of the transformation you offer, say yes to working with you and tell their friends.

Maybe you need:

  • A clearly defined message that communicates who you serve and how
  • A website that maximizes your revenues
  • Engaging newsletters, emails or blog posts
  • Case studies, white papers or presentations showcasing your expertise
  • A strategic content plan so you know what’s next

Maybe more.

There aren’t enough hours in the day and there aren’t enough pairs of hands to get it all done. And, it’s hard to find the words you need to connect with your ideal clients in just the right way so you can serve them and fill your own cup.

Let me help you.

I’m a writer, editor, strategic content planner and collaborative project manager. with more than 20 years of experience in public relations and journalism.

I will:

  • Create an effective communication strategy that emphasizes the transformation from current state to desired state.
  • Develop content focused on solving your ideal client’s problem.
  • Simplify the complex with concise, relevant, timely and valuable messages.
  • Foster engagement with content that creates connection.

As a child I started a neighborhood newsletter to spread the word about the birth of the kittens next door. Since then I’ve produced countless e-newsletters, press releases, web pages, presentations and more. (See details about my experience.)

In our work together I’ll use my strengths to complement yours and you’ll get high-quality written pieces that help turn your audiences into your advocates. And I’m a productivity geek so I know how to stick to a schedule.

Let’s chat …

… about the words you need to tell your stories.

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